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That’s why they call them accidents

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By Mark Orr I couldn’t stop…BANG…I hit her! First accident of my married life. Let me back up an hour earlier. As I stepped out of the front door to our offices, traffic was backed up on Plains Road, as far as I could see. Expecting an hour long commute home to Westdale, I decided… Read more »

Phil Robertson from the popular series "Duck Dynasty." Robertson

Satire: In dispute over duck kingpin, a society’s faultlines are revealed

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By Joshua Keating SOMEWHERE IN THE LOUISIANA REGION, United States – The daily lives of a clan of bearded, well-armed, religious fundamentalists in one of this country’s most remote and least-developed areas might seem like unlikely source material for a heartwarming television comedy, but over 10 million Americans regularly tune in to watch the antics… Read more »

Red Lobster wrestles with redefinition.

Red Lobster’s real problem is the food

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By Matthew Yglesias I’ve noticed that most media coverage of Red Lobster’s woes as Darden Restaurants seeks to divest itself of the ailing chain avoids the elephant in the room: Red Lobster serves bad food. There’s maybe an anti-snob thing going on where fancy-pants coastal journalists and activist investors don’t want to be seen as… Read more »

Hess Village

Requiem for a Village

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Once upon a time Hess Village was not a writhing Vomitorium seasonally garnished with flash-riots and an unbroken, never-ending succession of “isolated” beatings. robberies, stabbings and mayhem … no no! It was not always thus.[/caption]By Peter Fleming The youngsters might find this hard to believe, wishful thinking — a fairy-tale propagated by rose-coloured recollections or… Read more »

Invest in yourself

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My 17-year old daughter, Kayla, has some big decisions ahead. No, I’m not talking about what to get her hard-to-buy-for father at Christmas! She has to start applying to universities this month. Trouble is, she’s still sorting out what God has called her to do in this world. Sounds like a hesitant Grade 13 student… Read more »